The main activity of Abalit Elementos Moldeados is to fully  or partially satisfy every necessity related to the use of materials of solid surface.

Traditionally our company has mainly directed its attention to the fields of  general construction and to the architecture and its applications in kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, restorants and hotel business.

Abalit offers you a wide variety of applications for uses in several fields.

Abalit Elementos Moldeados SL is a dynamic and flexible company . Our success is founded on an extreme attention for quality at all levels and a great care for every need of our customers .

Our extensive knowledge of materials and productive processes, an adequate technology and a highly qualified staff with a great experience in the treatment of solid surface materials are our secrets for obtaining a product of the highest quality. Our experience in this kind of products and our great attention towards our customer are the mainly features which make Abalit Elementos Moldeados S.L. an unique and special company.